Workshop Overview

We have around 40 different workshops over the festival weekend (most repeated twice). Find out more about each one here. We'll be adding to this over the next few weeks. Please note that for the more advanced workshops we will be a bit more strict this year on ensuring you have the experience for the course.  Some workshops are quite physical so please read the guide before signing up.


Intro to Astro 

3 hr workshop for 20 people.  One of our most popular from 2017. Aimed at those who are new to astro photography but who can already confidently operate a camera in manual mode and understand the more advanced functions of their cameras. Join Nick Fletcher at the fabulous Red Earth Lodge on the edge of Mt Buffalo National Park. A minibus will take you from the brewery to the property. The first 45 mins will be spent indoors discussing theory  including lens and camera choice, exposure selection, camera set up, creating pano images and common errors. We'll then head outdoors to initially check everyone can get a clean exposure of the the milky way. You will then have about 90 mins to spend taking picture around the property with Nick's guiding hand. We'll have set out some interesting things for foreground interest for those who want the classic milky shot as well as some beautiful forest canopies to capture. There will be an opportunity to experiment with different types of light-painting.  We will also have options if the weather is poor. 

You must have a tripod and a torch for this workshop. Bring your widest fastest lens. Examples that work include most 10 - 30mm wide angle lens as well as longer lens like 35mm or 50mm f2.0 or faster. If you shoot Nikon you will be able to borrow some equipment during the workshop.

This workshop involves moving round a forest at night. There are trip hazards and uneven ground. Please only attend if you are very confident in this sort of environment. Participants will be asked to sign a liability waiver. There is also a very steep 1km uphill walk to the property…you have been warned.

Writing Workshop for the Weekend with Tom NeAl Tacker

This workshop is a little different to the others because it's not just one set time. Join Tom Neil Tacker (famous travel writer and charming human) across the whole weekend and develop your travel writing skills whilst documenting your weekend! You will catch up for a briefing session on Friday afternoon as well as a debriefing session on Sunday before lunch but most importantly you will have access to Tom for guidance, help and creativity throughout the weekend on a one-on-one basis! There has never been a better way/time to learn how to adapt words to your images! What’s more if you get published we’ll give you a free ticket next year. Bring a pen!


INtro to sports photography WITH REDBULL photographer Mark WATSON and charlie brown

3hrs with 20 people. Redbull Photographer Mark Watson ad local ski photographer Charlie Brown will be leading this workshop. This is designed for those who are wanting to understand the basic techniques used in sports photography. We'll start in Bright with an introduction to the techniques and gear for sports photography. This will cover lens and body selection, focus set up, using shutter speed for effect and basic composition. We'll then head out to Mystic Mountain Bike Park where we'll have some local heroes for you to photograph. We'll concentrate on learning safety when shooing sport, panning to create movement blur, freezing action and much more. Participants will move through a series of stations where they will get to practice each of these techniques. 

This workshop involves working on a steep incline and be in close proximity to athletes moving quickly. Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver. Ideal lens for this workshop include both wide angle (10 - 30mm) and longer lens like 70 - 200mm. The location does not lend itself to really long glass like 400mm +. 

 Learn how to use strobes to create dramatic iamges

Learn how to use strobes to create dramatic iamges

Advanced sports photography With Mark Watson and charlie brown

3hrs with 20 people. Redbull Photographer Mark Watson ad local ski photographer ocal ski photographer Charlie Brown will be leading this workshop supported by motorbike photographer Nick Fletcher. Kayell Australia will also be providing Elinchrom Strobes to use during the workshop. This is designed for those who are already confident sports photographers and want to stretch themselves by introducing strobes. You'll be expected to be fully confident in your camera.  We'll start in Bright with an introduction to the techniques we'll be using during the workshop. We'll then head out to Mystic Mountain Bike Park where we'll have some local heroes for you to photography. Participants will move through a series of stations where they will get to practice different techniques. This will include using strobes and panning to freeze athletes against a moving background, using strobes to kill the sun, using lights to create punch and vibrancy against a darkened background and much more. 

This workshop involves working on a steep incline and be in close proximity to athletes moving quickly. Participants will be required to sign a liability waiver. Ideal lens for this workshop include both wide angle (10 - 30mm) and longer lens like 70 - 200mm. The location does not lend itself to really long glass like 400mm +. If you have your own on or off camera strobes then do bring them although we will have spare triggers for most camera systems. 




20 people, 2 hours. How about this for a workshop! If you want to lift your game and create standout pictures of people this is a must do workshop. Gina Milicia is one of Australia's most successful photographers and she has shot the who's who of the entertainment and fashion industry. She is also co-host of the top rated "So you want  to be a photographer" podcast. She'll be showing you how to use off camera flash to create her distinctive portraits. We'll have a local "character" model to work with and you should end the workshop with some really special images as well as the tools to completely change the quality of your portraits. 

Suitable for intermediate photographers (those who understand how to operate their camera on manual settings). Bring a normal focal length lens (35 - 100mm on full frame) and a flash if you have one (not essential)


Sunrise Over Feathertop Winery WITH MIEKE BOYNTON

3hrs with 25 people. Mieke Boynton is a photographic rockstar and my word is she good at landscapes. She grew up at Boynton’s Feathertop Winery, and is keen to share the beauty of this incredible location with you! She’ll be taking you into the vineyard at sunrise to a high vantage point where you can set up your tripods and capture the beauty of the Alpine Valley as the rising sun lights up the majestic face of Mt Buffalo from between the rows of vines. She be on hand to talk about composition and settings if you need a hand.

This workshop is held close to a car park but features traversing a steep hill. Bring a tripod if you have one and Mieke suggest something between 24 - 70mm (35mm equivalent).



3 hours, 20 participants. That's right we have got our hands on the legend of light painting! What's more we think we've found a magic location for this workshop. Join Denis for a short introduction to light painting followed by a very hands on session where our participants create amazing images. High energy, super fun and most importantly inclusive. Any skill level and any camera. 

Tripods essential!

 High Country Forge shoot @ BFOP 2017

High Country Forge shoot @ BFOP 2017


3 hours with 15 -20 people (depending on the venue). Suitable for any level of photographer.

Some of the best shots of the festival came out of this workshop last year. Join the incredible Craig Wetjen as he shows you how he approaches environmental photography. He will work the group through how he sets up and lights shots that highlight the subject in their environment. He'll then give you a chance to shoot some genuinely unique local personalities. We'll be revisiting Richard at the High Country Forge and we have a very special shoot with Bogong Horseback Adventure as we document them breaking in a brumby.

What could be cooler than hanging out with the nicest man in photography smashing out stunning images? Bring a wider angle lens (like 24 - 35mm on full frame).

Photo fest 1 Pic Charlie Brown.jpg


5 hours, 22 people. Does what it says on the tin. Join local legend Charlie Brown for a bus trip up Hotham to catch the setting sun over the mountains. He has probably spent longer shooting at Hotham than any other human alive so he knows exactly where to take you.  Enjoy his slant on landscape photography and learn how he uses long lens and the texture in the landscape to create beautiful images. You'll also get to experience Charlie's inimitable banter on the bus ride!

Suitable for any skill level and any camera. Bring a tripod and both long and wide lens is you have them.


Edible Imagery Food Photography and Styling - NAOMI SHERMAN

2.5hrs (plus some time afterwards for eating!), 22 people. How exciting! You asked for it last year and we let you down. This year we've got Naomi. Naomi, as Naomi Sherman of Food Creative, is a Tasmanian-based photographer who has been featured on food blogs and recipe sites around the world. Her images can be found in books and magazines and she is the proud winner of a number of international food photography awards. She'll be walking you through styling and shooting food at the amazing Mt Feathertop Winery. Afterwards sped an hour having a glass of wine, eating the food and shooting the breeze with Naomi about photography

Suitable for any skill level. 


Playing with Food - Naomi Sherman

2 hrs, 20 people. More amazing food photography wiht Naomi from Food Creative. This is a really fun workshop that will teach you a technique that can be used in a whole variety of situtuations. You will be working with Naomi to create your own stop motion food video.

Approx 1.5 hours - Not suitable for beginners. Intermediate to experienced photographers only.



10 people, 5 hours. We love the idea of this workshop and it builds on the staggeringly good shoot from last year. Join Anne Scott-Virtue from White Shutter Photography for this very special event. She'll be staging a wedding, with a bride, groom, flower, dresses, cars and some staggering venues. This will be a fully set up editorial shoot/portfolio builder aiming to recreate a elopement style wedding. Anne will do some theory first talking about setting these things up as well as talking about real elopements and weddings. Finishing off with lightroom, editing, file managed and magazine submissions. You will end the day with some stunning photos for your portfolio. You'll also learn the little tricks Anne uses to capture those intimate moments. This will be brilliant and worth twice the price of the festival alone! 

Any level of photographer welcome. Bring a selection of lens if you have them. 



20 people, 2 hours. Join Anne Scott-Virtue from White Shutter Photography for this super workshop. Anne puts more effort into her workshops than anyone we know. She will spend 40 mins talking about her approach to shooting weddings and portraits and she'll then take you out to capture a beautiful couple in natural light. You don't have to want to be a wedding photographer to really benefit from this workshop, it teaches you how to create intimate moments in beautiful ways no matter who you are shooting. 

Any level of photographer welcome. Bring a selection of lens if you have them. 




20 people, 2 hours. Join the dynamic duo of Matt and Brendan as they take you out to a shoot the milky way over a local beauty spot. They will be covering composition, camera settings, and light painting. However, because this is a field workshop at night you will be expected to be familiar with the basics of astro photography and be completely confident in setting up your camera and focussing at night. 

Note this is one of the more "adventurous" workshops. You will in a field at night, it may be cold, there will be trip hazards and the cows will have left some landmines. Dress appropriately and only come if you are confident in this environment. Tripods essential and bring wide fast glass. 


Print Workshop - Kayell Australia

18 people, 90 mins, indoor workshop. This was the workshop that most surprised people last year. If you thought that printing a great image from a home inkjet printer was simply pressing "print" on your computer then prepare to learn why your photos don't look like the best in the industry. Join the amazing team from Kayell as they take your images and help you prepare them to produce stunning prints. This will be a practical demonstration using an Eizo monitor, GTI viewing booth and Epson P800 printer. It will cover using viewing lights for prints, monitors, calibration and process to calibrate, m,edia type and selecting the right one for your image, printer profiles and printing correctly through Lightroom / Photoshop and dedicated printer software. There will be time for Q&A at the end. By all means bring some images on an SD card / USB.



20 people, 2 hours. Join the fabulous Mieke on this very accessible workshop on Tower Hill overlooking Bright. Mieke will be providing the soup to nuts approach to shooting landscapes. She'll be talking about lens choice, composition, camera setting and much more. Most importantly she'll be helping you get some lovely images on your cards. This should be fun!

Bring a tripod if you have one. Bring a standard lens (24 - 70mm equivalent) and a telephoto if you have one. 



Wildlife Photography with Clyde "the Guide" O'Donnell

3 hours, 20 people. Suitable for all levels of photographers. You all asked for this last year but we couldn't get hold of Clyde because he was off somewhere exotic. Join local living legend Clyde as he helps you improve your wildlife photography. He'll start by talking about equipment but he'll quickly get you out into the field to try and catch some of the local birds, insects and mammals. 

Bring long and macro lenses (if you have them), tripod / monopod (optional), appropriate clothing for the weather of the day, dull coloured clothing (NOT red, white or yellow), standard footwear, water and snacks. We'll be car pooling to a location about 3km from the brewery. 


 2017 festival image

2017 festival image

Shooting a Portrait in Mixed lighting’ with Phottix Lights and DSLR with Tamron Lenses - LISA SAAD

2.5hrs, 20 people. Suitable for intermediate to advanced photographers. Lisa who has won more awards than anyone else we know and she still finds time to mentor some of Victoria's best up and coming photographers. Join her to photograph local professional dancer Kerrie Sinclair. Lisa is a master of using lighting to create dramatic images and you'll get to work with her as she uses affordable off camera flash to produce stunning pictures. If the weather is kind she'll do it outside. 


Posing with Gina Milicia


2hrs, 20 people. Suitable for all levels. Gina Milicia is one of Australia's most successful photographers and she has shot the who's who of the entertainment and fashion industry. She is also co-host of the top rated "So you want  to be a photographer" podcast. If you have wondered why your photos of people sometimes look a little awkward then Gina is hear to help. She'll be showing you simple techniques to get the best out of the people you work with. You'll get chance to practice as both a model and a photographer. Come on -  get beyond duck face instapout and lift your posing game!


Landscapes with Tom Putt!


3 hrs, 20 people. Suitable for all levels. This is the one you have all been waiting for! The amazing Tom will be running a series of workshops in the local area where you can get just a taster of his landscape expertise. He'll be covering composition, lens choice, use of the histogram and much more. But to be honest it really doesn't matter where you go or what he covers, this is bound to cool. He's keeping his locations secret but they will be fabulous. Turn up and be staggered. Bring both wide angle and long lens. Definitely bring a tripod. Be prepared to walk.






2.5hrs, 20 people. Suitable for all levels of photographers. Join the man who knows photography in Bright better than anyone. Brendan @Brightmystic is Insta-famous and has been photographing the region for years. He is also a thoroughly decent human being. This workshop is a banker - it doesn't matter if its raining or overcast this will still be awesome. Brendan will be taking you to some of the rivers and waterfalls in the local area and teaching you how to use shutter speed to get the perfect image. Please note this will involve being near / on wet slippy rocks. Dress appropriately, prepare to get wet feet and if you are not as nimble as you used to be then speak to us before booking. 

Bring a tripod and wide angle lens.


Photobooks: masterclass WITH MGA

3 hours, 12 people. There will be some serious horsepower in this workshop which will be facilitated by the amazingly creative team from MGA - the Australian Home of Photography. For photographers / artists with some experience and a body of work)
A workshop exploring the power of a series of images that can be held in your hands. Sometimes the hardest part of photography is knowing what to discard and what to keep. In this workshop, we’ll work on sequencing, storytelling, alternate and non-linear narratives, whilst editing your work down to its core. Working with the materials provided, you’ll construct your own dummy photobook to take home. Participants will need to bring their body of work/ series of images (25-40 images) on a laptop.If you are not already creating photo-books you are cetifiable.




Macro with Karl Ludik AND OLYMPUS

70 minute, 15 people. Suitable for any level.

If you love small things this is the workshop for you. Join Karl Ludik, an Olympus Specialist in this brilliant workshop. He will be showing you how to get the best of your macro lens and introducing focus stacking. He'll also have a field microscope along to show you how to use this to generate amazing images. Being an Olympus Specialist he'll also be able to introduce you to some of their latest products (but any camera brand is welcome!). Bring a macro lens if you have one.


LadyBath Falls landscape workshop with John Osmond and Nikon

22 people, any level. 3.5 hours. Join the Nikon Australia team and John Osmond for this fabulous workshop at Ladybath and Eurobin Falls. You absolutely don't have to be a Nikon shooter to attend but if you are or you want to try out some of the latest Nikon gear then this should be a lot of fun. Otherwise this is definitely the workshop to arrange an armed robbery around...

John is a special type of photographer. He produces brilliant landscape images but does it using equipment that the rest of us can afford. So no need for medium format envy on this workshop! Join John at the spectacular Eurobin falls and then for a walk through how he edits his images in Lightroom afterwards. Bring a tripod and wider lens if you have one.


Richard_Morecroft & Alison Mackay.jpg

Portraits master-class with Gary Grealy

15 people, 2 hours, any level but recommended for intermediate or advanced photographers. In 2017 we got feedback that the better photographers wanted their thinking stretched. Well come to this workshop and have your mind blown.

Gary has to be Australia’s most accomplished portrait photographer. He is been in the final of every National Photographic Portrait Competition and won it in 2017. He’ll be demonstrating how he approaches lighting his subjects and the way he thinks about the creative process. As Gary says “the lighting and the photography are the simplest things I do” so you’ll get chance to learn why his portraits are so distinctive and how he approaches each subject in a different way. He’ll even walk through some of his most well known images and why he shot them the way he did. If you really want to bring some originality into your photography or to think more deeply about why you light subjects in a particular way then this is the workshop for you.


Photobooks: from start to finish with MGA

3 hours, max 20 participants (For photographers of all abilities and experience levels). Join the amazing MGA team (The Australian Home of Photography) shooting and producing a complete mini-photobook. You’ll be handed an assignment to complete during our photowalk after which we’ll talk about editing and sequencing images. Then, working with printouts of your images and the materials provided, you’ll construct your own concertina photobook to take home. This is a great workshop to stretch yourself creatively and also hang out with the uber cool MGA crew. You will have fun. Bring a camera and a sense of fun.

Screen Shot 2018-09-18 at 12.58.01 PM.png

High Speed Sync’ with Phottix Lights and Olympus Camera with Lisa Saad

2 hours. 20 people. Aimed at intermediate and advanced photographers (your probably need to have a very good understanding of the exposure triangle and ideally have some exposure of using flash in manual modes). We absolutely adore Lisa and she is super generous with her immense talent. We good spend paragraphs explaining to the uninitiated who Lisa is but trust us this is going to be a very well spent two hours. Join Lisa as she explains how high speed synch can be used with high shutter speeds to freeze action. Sounds complicated but isn’t. We’ll be bringing a local athlete in to act as our model and you will get to participate in a something very close to a commercial shoot.


Fundamentals of Photography with Craig Wetjen

40 people, 90 minutes. Does what it says on the tin! We have put this on before the official festival start to give people a soft start. If you are still getting to grips with your camera or photography this is a must do workshop. Craig will be starting at ground zero and taking you through the key concepts that will be built on over the weekend. What’s more once Craig has covered the lecture portion we’ll have instructors (and Nikon) on hand to help you with the practical use of your camera. This can be as simple as “how do I turn this on”, right through to “how do I set up the focus bracketing on my D850”. Either way we’ll have a team on hand to help. Bring your camera and anything else photographic you are confused about.