Join us for our second year after our sell out 2017 event. Enjoy a  fabulous weekend celebrating photography. We don't take ourselves too seriously and you are welcome whether you are a professional or never touched a camera. Attend our workshops, enter our competitions, touch up some gear, drink our beer and meet fellow photographers. It is not about high priced workshops, its about building a community and learning from each other. For your $150 entry fee you get to come too all the lectures, all the social events, enter all the competitions and book a range of workshops at no extra cost. Typically most participants will be able to do 3 - 4 workshops. We have about 40 workshops that run over the weekend and many are repeated twice.

For those who came last year what is different this year? Firstly we have way more workshops and speakers, so there will be much more choice. We've sorted out the workshop booking so that will be less of a pain and you'll know what you are doing before you arrive. We've got more minibuses to transport you. We've got more workshops for the really experienced photographers. We'll be running smaller workshops. We have more print workshops. We have (some) gear for sale. We have a print competition and a gallery to display them in. Finally we are going to have EVEN MORE social events. Hopefully you will forgive us for putting the price up a bit so we can break even!

OMG did I have the best weekend YES YES YES.
— Feedback from 2017

Here's the best bits

  • Photo-walks with our knowledgable locals
  • Want to try a camera - borrow from Kayell and Nikon's extensive fleet.
  • Amazing astro photography workshops in a very special location
  • Sports photography workshops with some of Victoria's best mountain bikers.
  • Competitions with some special prizes
  • Printing and workshops
  • Gear, gear and gear. Borrow gear, touch gear, buy gear. 
  • Learn about the history of photography
  • Processing workshops
  • Strobes and speed light workshop
  • Did we mention we are basing it in a brewery?