Join us for our second year after our sell out 2017 event. Enjoy a  fabulous weekend celebrating photography. We don't take ourselves too seriously and you are welcome whether you are a professional or never touched a camera. Attend our workshops, enter our competitions, touch up some gear, drink our beer and meet fellow photographers. It is not about high priced workshops, its about building a community and learning from each other.

OMG did I have the best weekend YES YES YES.
— Feedback from 2017

Here's the best bits

  • Photo-walks with our knowledgable locals
  • Want to try a camera - borrow from Kayell and Canon's extensive fleet.
  • Amazing astro photography workshops in a very special location
  • Sports photography workshops with some of Victoria's best mountain bikers.
  • Competitions with some special prizes
  • Printing and framing workshops
  • Gear, gear and gear. Borrow gear, touch gear, buy gear. 
  • Learn about the history of photography
  • Processing workshops
  • Strobes and speed light workshop
  • Did we mention we are basing it in a brewery?