Instructors / Speakers / Roustabouts

Meet the team who's soul focus is to make sure you have a fabulous weekend. 

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Nick Fletcher - Intro to Astro

A BFOP original and hugger in chief. Principally responsible for looking stressed and herding participants in the right direction. Will be leading his spectacularly successful "Intro to Astro" workshops. Some say it was instruction, some it was the free beer, we just say watch out for the massive uphill walk to get there. 


Matt Krumins - Everything

The  hardest working man in photography. Our little ball of enthusiasm has joined the management team for BFOP and will be injecting a bit of professionalism into the whole shambolic affair. When he's not saving us from our ineptitude he'll be running his spectucularly popular workshops. 


Brendan Holland - LANDSCAPE and ASTRO

Better known to half of Instagram as Brightmystic, Brendan is the quietly spoken Bright local who smashes out gobsmacking images. There is no bit of the high country he doesn't know and if you happen to be on his workshops then haven't you lucked out. 



Who got the best feedback from the workshops in 2017? Where did we see the most mind-blowing photo's from? It was the amazing Anne's workshop. Anne is one of Australia's best wedding photgogrpahers. We have yet to meet someone who didn't learn something really important from attending one of Anne's workshops. Even if your first love is landscapes you need to attend this workshop as you will emerge a much better and rounded photographer. 



Oh my word this Bright prodigal daughter is back in town! A full time landscape photographer who makes truly mind blowing images. She has spent the last 6 months finding every secret spot in the high country just for you!  Definitely a workshop for the more experienced photographers (and those who enjoy a vigorous walk). Don't miss her as she is a future photographic star!


Wow how excited are we to have Tom coming. Based on the Mornington Peninsula where he has his gallery, Tom is renowned for his high end international workshops.