The festival starts at 3pm on Friday 5th of October and finishes at 3p on Sunday 7th. We will have some one on one coaching avaialbe on the Thursday and Friday morning (at extra cost). If you are a complete beginner or have a new camera its well worth having some instruction on these days. We have astro workshops on both Friday and Saturday night, with lectures and workshops on Friday late afternoon, all Saturday and Sunday morning. We'll have a number of accompanied photo-walks over the weekend. The competition judging will be after lunch on Sunday.

For more detail from last years event click on the "SCHEDULE" button above. We will have our schedule for 2018 finalised by May. 


Other than you camera gear, bring some warm clothing and footwear you don't mind getting dirty. We don't care if your camera is 50 years old and powered by steam, you'll still have a great time. If you are coming to the astro photography workshop then please bring a tripod, or alternatively bring a sand bag and infinite patience....

We are running a competition for photos taken over the weekend so if you are keen to participate then you may want to bring a way to edit and upload your photos.