Enjoy a spectacularly diverse set of presentations over the weekend. Most will be in our main stage marquee next to the brewery. Times may change, keep an eye on the schedule posted in the brewery.

The Great Big Kick Off - 2pm Friday

Try not to miss this! Meet all the instructors, learn about how the weekend runs, soak up the BFOP vibe.

Print Competition Results Announcement - 2.45pm at Bright Gallery of Art

We’ve been blown away by the quality of the entrants for the completion. You have to make time to walk over to the gallery and look at how talented our BFOP participants are. Three lucky people will be taking a doors off helicopter flight on Friday evening. Find out who won and hear our panel of highly credentialed judges try to defend their decisions.

Photography is Magic with the MGA

It is a little know fact that MGA (the Australian home of photography) the reason we have BFOP to begin with. We are huge supporter of MGA, this team collect, study and advocate for photography fun time. Join MGA’s Senior Curator Pippa Milne to discover a bit about the tricksters and mystics of historic darkrooms and how contemporary photographers are using special effects today. This will be brilliant.

Nikon with Tony Steele

Tony will be talking about the Polish coal mining industry in the 1930s. But if you ask him nicely he’ll also cover everything Nikon. He’ll have the Z Camera’s. He’ll have the P900 zoom monster. He’ll have the brilliant D5 and D850. Should be ace, if you like Nikon.

Denis Smith - Living Light

We are not going to attempt to paraphrase Denis: “Light painting, as with all forms of photography can deliver the most exciting and vibrant results when carried out with the minimum of gear and fuss. The images that have touched my heart deepest have been with the least gear and minimal expectation. Less can be more.”

Lisa Saad on her Composite Images

A crowd favourite from last year! Lisa is some sort of creative ninja, producing her award winning images from photographs compositited in the digital domain. If you want to understand how she approaches it then this is a must see presentation.

Matt Krumins - Choosing a Lens

Join photographer and instructor Matt Krumins as he demystifies lens choices and dissects camera jargon into easy-to-follow examples. In this presentation, Matt will cover what you are looking at with different lenses, how to make a judgement on the quality of a lens and more importantly understand how you can use your own photography collection to choose your next lens wisely rather than getting a vote from strangers on the internet!

Jon Barrie - Videography on a DSLR

This hands on workshop with Jon Barrie from Adobe Systems will demystify aspects of video frame rates vs shutter speeds for natural movement, audio, shooting to edit to accelerate your photography skills to making fantastic videos.

Denis Smith - Photography as Therapy

“Photography saved my life. 10 years ago I had given up. A camera fell into my hands and everything changed. A complete 180 degree shift in direction resulted in a life lived sharing the passion I now have for photography and a desire to spread the light far and wide. Photography can truly be a way to enrich your life, and the lives of others.”

Tom Putt - Aerial Photography and international Landscape photography

Tom will be talking twice. He’ll be talking about his amazing aerial photography work and he’ll also be covering some of the exotic locations he shoots landscapes. It will be highly entertaining. He may be wearing offensive trousers. Enjoyment guaranteed.

Matt Krumins - Top 5 Lightroom Tips

Lightroom is an endless tool but there are tons of little features that make your life easier! Join photographer and instructor Matt Krumins as he shares his top 5 tips for Lightroom including tools, photography tips and a demonstration on how to turn a flat image into a 3D masterpiece!

Julie Hollows - Mobile Photography

Julie, produces brilliant images with her phone camera. Learn how to get more from the camera you always have with you! She’ll be talking about mobile camera and editing apps and showing you some of her fabulous work.

MATT KRUMINS - Travel Photography, how to pack

We’ve all had the panic moment as our holiday approached… How am I going to fit all of this in??? What should I bring??? How do I pack??? Join photographer and instructor Matt Krumins as he guides you through his top travel tips for photography, everything from deciding what to bring through to how to actually bring it without breaking your back! This is a must-see for any travelling photographer.

Olympus - The real pros and cons of a crops sensor system

How much does sensor size matter? What are the advantages of a smaller sensor camera system. Listen to a reasoned discussion from Olympus.

Craig Wetjen on Personal Projects

If you missed Craig’s presentation last year it was spectacular. There were tears. It is a bit about photography and a lot about life. He’ll be talking about the genesis of his Men’s Sheds project and how it changed him forever. Please don’t miss it.

Matt Krumins - Everything Long Exposure

Join Photographer and Instructor Matt Krumins as he takes you through the start to finish of long exposure including the gear you need, they types of environments long exposure is perfect for as well as a run-down on how filters work.

David Campbell - Aurora Photography

David is about he most travelled photographer we know. He is also an Aurora guru. This presentation was a hit from 2017 and it back bigger and better than ever.

Gina Milicia - Get over your fear of portraits

Gina will be helping you think differently about taking portraits of people. She’ll also be helping you feel the same way about off camera flash photography. If you get nervous at the thought of either then this is a must see presentation.

Q&A with the BFOP Team - 1230pm Sunday

Listen to our BFOP gurus sharing their wisdom Or just banging on uncoherently after 72 hours of non-stop instruction. Should be fun. Audience participation guaranteed.