Competition!! Win a Helicopter Shoot over the High Country

We have an awesome competition for you this year and you can win a doors off helicopter photo shoot during the festival. The 8 best entries in each category will also be printed and hung in the Bright Gallery of Art for their spring exhibition. If you are selected for exhibition we'll ask you to provide us a print at A3 size (we can point you to a printer) and we'll ask for a contribution to the cost of mounting and matting the image (not more than $60). To enter you need to have a valid ticket for this years festival. We have three categories:

  • Landscapes: Anywhere, anytime. And we won't be too tight on the definition of "landscape".
  • Astro and Light-painting. Pictures taken at night. Perhaps wave some lights around. Speak to Denis Smith and he'll help. 
  • Bright and the High Country. We don't care if it is portrait, landscape, astro, underwater, macro or sport. It just has to be identifiably shot in the High Country. 


  1. Entries should be emailed to
  2. Entries close midnight 1st of September
  3. Entries should include an attached low resolution image (roughly 2048 pixels on the long edge) in jpg format; your name and phone number; the category you are entering in; a description of the image(s) and your ticket number
  4. Any participant can enter up to three images in each category
  5. On the 2nd of September we will contact the top eight in each category and ask them to send us an A3 print (i.e. a print that would fit on an A3 sheet of photo paper even if in pano format). We can point you to a printer if you need one. We'll also ask you to send us a contribution to having the photos matted and mounted (not more than $60). You will have until the 14th of September to get the photos to us. Photos will be hung in Bright Gallery of Art on 21st of September. Finalists have the option to sell their prints through the gallery.
  6. Final judging will occur at 3pm on Friday 5th October. Participants have to be present to be eligible for the prizes. The 1st place in each category will win a place on a doors off helicopter photoshoot at dawn on either the 6th or 7th of October (subject to weather). In case of poor weather there will be an alternative prize.
  7. Entrants have to own the copyright to the image and agree to grant BFOP a limited licence to use their image to promote future events.
  8. Judges decisions are arbitrary and final. However, if you buy the judges a pint in the brewery they will attempt to justify their decision. 
  9. The organisers accept no liability for lost or damaged images. Or for general ineptitude in the administration of the competition. Its BFOP, we are bound to cock something up. We also accept no responsibility if the helicopter crashes this is a third party prize provided by an independent operator. 
  10. There are always ten rules.