Portraits and Weddings

When we set up the festival I desperately wanted to get a really good portrait photographer to come and show their magic. I also wanted to have a really good wedding photographer. We got both in Anne Scott Virtue from White Shutter Photography. She makes some beautiful images and I for one will be first one list for her workshop.


Two New Speakers

We are completely stoked to have two more fabulous photographers on board. Craig Wetjen is an award winning photographer who has tackled important social issues and taken some stunning pictures. See his latest work here: http://mensshedphotography.com.au

Come and join Craig as he shows you how he lights and photographs a blacksmith at work at The High Country Forge

Matt Krumins is runs some of the best photography workshops in Australia. He'll be leading some or our photowalks and running our composition and processing classes. We love Matt. You'll love Matt. If you are in Melbourne go and take a trip or workshop with him: http://mattkruminsphotography.com.au


Sports Photography Workshop

We are pant wittingly excited to have Melbourne based professional sport photographer Mel Lyons running a sports photography workshop. We have also rustled up 3 of Victoria's best downhill mountain bikers to act as models and of course there is no better mountain biking location than Bright. Mel is the queen of strobe photography and she'll be showing you to to create stunning images with real impact.